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I am, and always have been, a notoriously bad blogger. But I'm back to give it another try, one more time.

I seem to have rediscovered my "pep" in recent times, and I'm ready to try some new things, and get back into the things that matter to me... at this stage, this chiefly involves getting fit and losing weight (again!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

I am SOOO tired

It's 7.20pm and I'm hanging out for bed. I've got a few things I need to do (make my lunch, pack my clothes, unload the dishwasher, that type of crap), and I'm having trouble getting up to do it. So I'm gonna blog, then I'm gonna do chores, then I'm gonna go to bed for some hard core zzzz.

And why am I so tired I hear you ask? Well an urgent project came up at 5pm on Friday, and my weekend was already full, so I couldn't get a start on it over the weekend. I also had my first boot-ee camp scheduled for this morning, so the only way to get a good start on the project was to have a frightfully early morning. I got up at 3.50 this morning, on the road to work at 4am, got working at 4.30. This gave me a good 80 minutes start time before I jogged down the road to the bootcamp session. Then I jogged back, and got back into work. 13 hours of work later, we got it done, but I would really rather not repeat this day any time soon.

So, bootcamp. Yeah, didn't need to be scared of that really. They kept saying that it will get harder as it goes along, but it was pretty easy going today. Quite a few push ups and squats, and a bit of running, but that was about it. My pushups are crap, but I already knew that. My upper body strength is suspect, plus I'm 20+kg overweight, so it's hard to push that excess lard up and down. I wasn't too bad on the push ups when I was thin, so hopefully I can work back towards that. My squats were really good, got through 70 in the 2 minute test period, which was better than most. We did a 600m time trial too, and I finished that in 3 min 14 seconds, which was in the top 10 or so. Not bad, but room for improvement.

It's a big group at the boot camp, probably 50 odd people. I wasn't the heaviest (which I was worried about) and I certainly wasn't the unfittest. I never realised how many chicks are scared of running. Like seriously freaking out scared of it. When Duncan said we had to run to the flag in the distance and then back, I thought some of them were actually going to cry. You'd think we'd been asked to run a marathon. The other thing I found weird was the attitude on some of them - just flat out refusing to even try to run, walking the whole way, and not even power walking at that. It's not like anyone is forcing us to be there, we've paid money to be there. Why not give it a go for goodness sakes. Ok, rant over. The next session is on Wednesday morning, so it will be interesting to see what we progress to next.

Trending backwards now, the weekend roundup. Friday night I did nothing much, just couldn't really be buggered with anything. Watched the basketball on One HD - I am loving the free to air coverage this year. I love basketball season. On Saturday morning, I was guilted into getting up for a run (Jess, if you're reading - I hated you for 45 minutes on Saturday morning, but after I got over that, I thought you were awesome for getting me out there :-) So I ran about 7.65km in 47 minutes, including some hills. My pace is increasing and I'm getting some reasonable distances in. I should be ok for the 10k Glenelg Classic next month, even if I'm not running that far around my usual tracks yet, it will be on the flat and much easier.

The rest of Saturday was spent at home shows (which were really pretty crap actually), a bit of shopping, and a quick walk with the pug. Oh, and the pug only lost 200g this fortnight, I guess he needs more walks. Saturday night I caught up with Lou for dinner and some board games (what a high flying life I lead).

Sunday - early trip to the markets as usual. I'm eating more fruit than I ever have these days, which I'm putting down to the fact that I'm not getting my sugar fix from chocolate and other crap. The pineapples are just devine at the moment, yum. After the markets I took my dad on the Active Aging walk around the botanic gardens and river Torrens. It was only $5 to enter, so I wasn't expecting much, but it was done really well. There would have been a few hundred people there, and loads of volunteers keeping everyone on the right track. There were little goodie bags at the end with some sample products, and free fruit, plus coffee and hamburgers for sale. I must say I was impressed. Dad seemed to enjoy himself too, but it completely exhausted him. I dropped him home then went back to my place to do some cooking and gardening at my place. I went back to mum and dad's for dinner later, and dad was really wiped out. The exercise will do him good though.

So for the week ahead... I'm having a bit of trouble planning my exercise around the boot camp stuff. Wednesday and Friday mornings will be boot camp. I took my stuff with me for boxing tonight, but I seriously overestimated my ability to get through a day as long and stressful as this one. I just need to collapse in a heap and start afresh tomorrow. I think I'll ride to and from work tomorrow. Thursday I'll be working from home while my roller shutters are installed (hooray), so I'll have to ponder what exercise I fit in with that.

Righty then, chores then bed. Ciao all.


  1. Firstly... I hate running. But I do it.
    I think the booty camp people are the same as the ones that go to PT and whinge. I've been guilty of it once before, but I shouldn't have gone that day. I knew better.

    Secondly... I am flat out running 5km in 47 minutes. I am jealous, and feeling like a real under achiever right now... Shit hey. 19 days till I have my first race, and I am still slow as...

    Lastly, hope you slept well last night. I didn't get home till after 10pm (after leaving the house at 5am!!) so I understsand big days. I am still exhausted!

  2. Megan - I can not believe you were at work at 4.30am. That is either extreme dedication or extreme insanity... I'll let you pick! LOL

    Well done on getting out and doing the boot camp.