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Friday, March 25, 2011

14.5km... mixed reactions

I am not that long back from my Saturday long run, which took off about 5 hours after schedule. I woke up when my alarm went off, felt like death, took a tablet and went back to bed. I still wasn't feeling it when I got up hours later, but I eventually dragged myself out and hit the roads. I don't know what's making me feel so tired and ick at the moment, but I wish it would go away, it's very annoying.

The early part was really tough and for a good part of the run, I really didn't feel like I'd be able to make it. But I just made a deal with myself to keep plodding along on my planned route, and when I couldn't run any more, I'd walk. I still had to cover the 14.5km, no matter of the pace. I managed to keep running the whole way, although there were a couple of pretty damn slow km's in there. By the time I got to the downhills at about the 12km mark, I felt OK - how perverse. At that point I knew for sure that I would make it home, even if it was slower than I would like.

In my defence, I was faced with headwinds today, which suck. The wind had pretty much died down to nothing by the time I looped back and was headed for home, and should have had a tail wind. Typical! I was also running in the sun a good part of the way. It's pretty cold here today, but even at low temperatures I don't like running in the sun. I think I'm part vampire.

Anyway, lap times -

1st km 6.08.71
2nd km 6.16.81
3rd km 6.12.45
4th km 6.10.96
5th km 6.24.15
6th km 6.22.04
7th km 6.35.39
8th km 6.40.97
9th km 7.01.62
10th km 6.46.42
11th km 6.47.42
12th km 6.35.44
13th km 6.18.34
14th km 6.16.92
0.5km 3.07.92

Total 14.5km, 1.33.45, 9.3km/h

Hmm, when I look at the stats, I'm wondering if I just went out too hard. The first 2.5km include some pretty good hills, so I might have been pushing a bit hard through there for a long distance run. Pacing, pacing, pacing. It would be good if I could find some routes that are more undulating rather than long steady downs, long steady ups. 3.5km constant gradual uphill from the 7km mark is unpleasant!

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  1. I did another race report for you :)

    But, good run anyway. I would have wimped out and stayed in bed! You're a tough chick ;)