Hello and Welcome!

I am, and always have been, a notoriously bad blogger. But I'm back to give it another try, one more time.

I seem to have rediscovered my "pep" in recent times, and I'm ready to try some new things, and get back into the things that matter to me... at this stage, this chiefly involves getting fit and losing weight (again!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for ideas on how to murder someone and not get caught

Howdy peeps, it's been a while. Where to start, where to start? Best start with the title of the blog I suppose.


Onto happier thoughts - I haven't been on the scales, but I'm actually tempted to get on (for the first time in a looooong time). I feel like I've lost quite a bit the last couple of weeks, my clothes are feeling looser and I'm just feeling better about myself. Still a long way to go, but feeling good nonetheless. The pants I'm wearing today were uncomfortably tight in the waist and legs before, but they are now a little too loose. I might have to start going through my packaged up smaller clothes soon, that will be awesome :)

On the exercise front, I did very little on the weekend. I took the dogs for a couple of small walks (one of which resulted in the pug collapsing under a tree 3/4 of the way home and me having to carry him, so I guess there was some incidental weight training there too!) I also spent a few hours in the garden, planting my hedge, fertilising the vegies and roses, doing some weeding. I was busy most of the weekend, just not with dedicated exercise. I'm OK with that, as I did have a big week of it and I was ready for the rest time.

This week so far has seen one boot camp (which has really ramped up now and is challenging), one boxing class, and a ride to work today. Obviously I'll be riding home tonight (beats walking), then there's boot camp on Wednesday and Friday. I'm thinking of a run on Thursday. Saturday might be a rest day, then I've got my 10k fun run on Sunday morning. I hope I can make the distance, I'm starting to feel nervous about it now. Still, if worst comes to worst and I have to walk part of the race, this is not the end of the world. It will give me something to work on for the next race.

I wish I had more boxing classes this week, I have a lot more frustration I need to unload...


  1. Ok, so firstly, if you lived in Melbourne, I have the perfect assassination plot. But I can't disclose, because, let's be honest... I'd get in trouble.
    And you're right, 4 weeks is a LOOONG time when something is so draining. I had made the decision to leave my last job on a certain date 6 weeks in advance, and it was the longest 6 weeks of my life. Superman kept saying "not long now, just be patient" but it's so hard when things impose on your spirit...

    As for the exercise, dude, sounds like a calorie burning weekend to me!!
    I ate chips and watched Harry Potter. THAT'S no exercise :P

    And the fun run... seriously, you better be thinking of me when you're running 10km... each time it gets hard say "Remember, Jess has to swim 650m, ride 30km, then run 7km today..."

    Oh, did I mention how shitty the weather is going to be? Pouring rain and stinking hot? I can't wait.

    I better see a race report at some stage Sunday afternoon. Cos I'll be doing mine (if I can work my stinking Garmin multisport thing out... lol.)

  2. Good luck for the fun run on the weekend.

    As for the work situation - I have been there. I am so glad you only have a month or so left of Bastard. Hang in there, do lots of boxing classes, and before you know it he will be gone forever.