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I am, and always have been, a notoriously bad blogger. But I'm back to give it another try, one more time.

I seem to have rediscovered my "pep" in recent times, and I'm ready to try some new things, and get back into the things that matter to me... at this stage, this chiefly involves getting fit and losing weight (again!)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life is ticking along

I have a church audit spread all over my desk. Church audits are really not my favourite thing in the world. In fact, they are a massive pain in the butt. Hence I am looking for ways to procrastinate away my available time, and what better way than to update in blog world.

Life is just ticking away at the moment. Nothing of any massive excitement to report on. Such is the life of an accountant eh? I've been going to the gym semi regularly, last week was a bit of a fail, but otherwise I've been pretty good. Eating has been OK for the most part. My weekends are pretty full, but mostly it's just boring stuff which is gaining good brownie points with the family, but boring me senseless.

A couple of exciting developments from the weekend just gone though:

  • I got the new iPhone. It rocks. I love gadgets, and this is a big step up on the old 3GS I've been using until now. The Siri voice recognition software needs some work, and some of the features don't work in Australia yet, but it's good fun. Some friends and I had some great laughs on Saturday night playing with it, setting reminders to go off at all hours of the night on each other's phones. Juvenile yes, but funny.
  • I got a new Polar. I have no clue where I have stashed my old one, but it was pretty beaten up anyway. The new one is pink and pretty, and I've taken it out for a couple of sessions - a walk up/run down Mt Lofty on Saturday, and an RPM class this morning. Works a treat.
  • I got new hair. I was thoroughly bored with waiting for my hair to grow, so I've had some extensions put in. The reactions have been a bit mixed, some people like the look of it, others not so much. But I'm enjoying having super long hair again for the moment. The lovely Kylie said that it makes me look younger, she's such a star :)
Plans for the week ahead? Don't really have any. That's not good. Let's make some up - 
  • Get to the gym every day
  • Try for a run (although the shins pulled up pretty sore from the Mt Lofty climb)
  • Get some freaking work done. I've found all new levels of procrastination recently (she says as she blogs away)
  • Leave some comments on some blogs. I still follow lots of people and read regularly, but I've become completely slack at commenting. Rude.
  • Drink lots of water and eat well.
That'll do. Until next time, blog peeps...

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  1. I always wanted to try hair extensions, more for the added volume rather than length, but it seemed too high maintenance. Or more so that I missed out on the blow drying gene and I'd never be able to get it looking good again.

    How long is long?